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Glasgow City Council

Glasgow declares housing emergency

Published 30 November 2023

At the City Administration Committee (CAC) on Thursday, 30 November 2023, councillors agreed the unprecedented pressures facing the council in relation to homelessness has forced its hand to declare the city is now experiencing a housing emergency.

It comes on the heels of the Home Office plans to make around 2,500 batched asylum decisions in Glasgow by the end of this year, which could cost the council more than £53m.

The declaration was a recommendation included in an update report to councillors from Councillor Allan Casey, City Convener for Workforce, Homelessness and Addiction Services on the impact of the Home Office decision to streamline the asylum process.

Cllr Casey said: "There is no doubt that the pressures we are facing constitute an emergency. We agree with partners that we urgently need resources to help us deal with these added pressures.

"We also need the UK Government to pause their unconscionable asylum-batching decision, which is already increasing homelessness and destitution, until they work with us to put a proper plan in place and commit to fully funding their decision.

"As our report outlines, referrals from Mears, the company which currently provides accommodation for those awaiting asylum decisions here in Glasgow, have doubled in recent months.

"The city is experiencing an overwhelming increase in people presenting as rough sleepers as well as a significant rise in individuals, from elsewhere in the UK, seeking assistance here in Glasgow."

The council will continue to lobby Scottish and UK Governments for appropriate funding and legislative change to respond to this housing emergency.

The report is available here

Published 30 November 2023

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