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Glasgow City Council

Council to dispose of land, former care unit and car park to create new homes in Glasgow

A Glasgow City Council committee today (1 February) approved the disposal of land, former childcare unit and a car park to a developer and local housing associations - a decision that will bring more than 80 new homes to the city.



The committee also approved the beginning of negotiations with multiple housing associations on the potential off-market disposals of 10 sites across the city, which together will deliver up to 250 new social homes.


Council site and building disposals to create hundreds of new homes


The first disposal approved today is at two sites - at 12 Carron Crescent and at 96 Elmvale Street in Springburn, respectively 2.3 and 1.6acres in size. These were the sites of the former St Aloysius Primary School, and its annexe.


After marketing of the sites, the successful bidder was Edzell Property Holdings, and after negotiations the purchase price was £242,000. 49 new homes will be built - 28 at 12 Carron Crescent and 21 at 96 Elmvale Street.


The second disposal will be at the former Nitshill Childcare Unit at 31 Seamill Street in Nitshill (pictured above) - comprising a purpose-built bungalow with nine bedrooms, a pitched tiled roof, adjoining garage and garden to the front and rear of the property.


This property will be disposed to Wheatley Homes for £325,000 and used as accommodation for vulnerable people.


The third disposal will be the former carpark at 15 Spoutmouth, off the Gallowgate around 100 metres from Glasgow Cross. The 0.49acre site was declared surplus to the council's operational requirements in November 2023.


The site will be disposed to Wheatley Homes and developed to create 34 new social homes and two commercial retail units - the latter on the ground floor - and generate a receipt of £108,000 to Glasgow City Council.


The council also gave authority of the beginning of negotiations with housing associations (HA) on 10 sites at the following locations around Glasgow:


• Site at Lochdochart Road/Twinlaw Street - Lochfield HA

• Site at Woodside Place/St George Road - Queens Cross HA

• Flat 0/1, 46 Melville Street- Southside HA

• Flat 1/L, 58 Buccleuch Street - Glasgow West HA

• Former janitor's house, 1333 Dumbarton Road - Whiteinch and Scotstoun HA

• Site at Oran Gate - Maryhill HA

• Site at Abbotshall Avenue/Dunkenny Road/Drumry Road East - Wheatley Homes Glasgow

• Site at Queen Mary Street - Thenue HA

• Flat 1/2, 55 Walton Street - Southside HA

• Former Shettleston Halls, Wellshot Road - Shettleston HA


Councillor Ruairi Kelly, Convener for Neighbourhood Services and Assets at Glasgow City Council, said: "The supply of new homes is a very serious challenge in Glasgow and many other places, and meeting this requires new thinking and action. The approvals of these site disposals - and the beginning of negotiations on the possible disposal of 10 other sites in the city - paves the way for the creation of more housing, and I am pleased to say there is a pipeline of these disposals coming forward."

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