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Protected Junctions

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Protected Junctions

As part of the South City Way, we will be trialling protected junctions on Victoria Road at the Calder Street and Allison Street junctions.

Protected junctions are widely and successfully used across Europe, however they are relatively new in the UK and these will be the first in Scotland!

What is a 'protected junction'?

A 'protected junction' is a road junction designed so that people travelling on foot, by cycle, and in vehicles are all separated as they pass through the junction. The aim is to make the junctions safer for all road users, and particularly for those on cycles.

Unlike other junctions, which normally require right-turning cyclists to wait in the centre of the junction for a suitable gap in the traffic, the protected junction offers a safer alternative. 

Protected cycle tracks - like those on the South City Way - make it easier for people to make everyday journeys by cycle instead of by car. 

The protected junction design makes space for these segregated cycle tracks to flow through and around the junction, creating a continuous and safe route. 

The protected junction provides a number of other benefits:

  • Specific cycle-signals help those on cycles to go straight ahead or to safely turn right, within the protected cycle tracks.  
  • Crossings for pedestrians are improved and are separated from the cycle crossings.  
  • New signalling to complement the new layout.

The new junctions on Victoria Road at Allison Street and Calder Street are due to open in January 2021 and will be on trial for a period of up to two years. Ongoing monitoring will be undertaken at both sites during the trial.

If you would like to send in your views regarding the new junctions, please email:

Guide for pedestrians

Guide for pedestrians

Pedestrians and cyclists have separate crossings around the junction.

Use the zebra crossings to cross over the cycle track, and then use the pedestrian crossings as normal. Be aware of approaching cyclists when you cross the cycle track.

Cross the road using the pedestrian crossings, not the cycle crossings.

Guide for cyclists

Guide for cyclists

To be safely guided through the junction, stay within the protected cycle tracks and follow the dedicated cycle signals.

You have dedicated crossings; ensure you cross on the cycle crossings (with the green cycle light), and not the pedestrian crossings.

Cycle with care, watching for pedestrians approaching the cycle track and be ready to give way to them when needed. 

Turning right for cyclists

Turning right for cyclists

Turning right may be in stages, depending on the cycle signals.

To turn right:

  1. Go ahead with the first green cycle light, and indicate your intention to move right.
  2. If the next signal is red wait behind the cycle stop line in the designated area, allowing room for other cycles to pass behind you.

  3. Complete the right turn when this second signal turns green. Take care and give way to traffic if merging back onto the carriageway on either Calder Street or Allison Street, where the protected lanes finish.

Remember to allow space for other cyclists to make their manoeuvres.

Guide for drivers

Guide for drivers

The only change is the staging of the traffic lights, so proceed through the junction, following the traffic lights as normal.

However, remember to look out for pedestrians and be alert to cyclists re-joining the carriageway on Calder Street and Allison Street.

Further Information and contact

Visit the South City Way webpage for further information on the designs and progress.

For queries emails us at 

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