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Respite care for a child or young person

Contact Families for Children

  • Phone 0345 276 5555

What is respite?

Respite care is when an approved carer (called a Respite Carer) offers children and young people short stays in their home to assist families at difficult times - we call this Family Based Respite. For some families this may be a one off requirement while other families may need regular short periods of respite to assist them in caring for their children. It is a resource that is greatly needed as it is often the last resort before children are taken into care.

Do I need a spare room to provide respite?

You would need a spare room that is suitable for a child. You can specify what age of child you would like to care for, for example a toddler or an 8-12 year old. If you have children of your own still living at home then their preferences will also be taken into consideration.

Do I need qualifications and do I get paid?

You need an interest in caring for children but no formal qualifications. You will receive an allowance for each child. For most carers the main reward is knowing that they are helping a child in difficulty.

How do I become a family based respite carer?

After reading the pdf icon information pack [1Mb] you can take the next step to begin the process by contacting Families for Children.

Phone 0345 276 5555 between 8.45am to 4.45pm Monday to Thursday and 8.45am to 3.55pm Friday or email the Families for Children Team.

Contact Families for Children

  • Phone 0345 276 5555

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