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Glasgow City Council

Street Naming and Numbering

What is it?

The City Council, under Section 97 of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982, has responsibility for naming and numbering new streets within the city and numbering of new buildings erected on an existing street; Building Standards and Public Safety undertake this responsibility on behalf of the Council.

Information about street naming and numbering

Street naming and numbering is essential for the use of the emergency services, public utilities, postal services and the general public.

In selecting a new street name, consideration will be given to the history of the site. The local councillors, community council and Royal Mail amongst others are consulted on the proposed street name.

How to apply for a new street name or number

All Street naming and Numbering applications must be submitted online using the following application form together with the relevant plans: SNN Application Form.

There is a fee for the service pdf icon SNN Fees [59kb] and the timescales for processing a application varies depending on the need for local consultation:

  • Numbering properties 8 weeks;
  • Naming new streets and numbering properties 14 weeks;
  • Renumbering properties 16 weeks;
  • Renaming existing street and numbering/renumbering properties 24 weeks

Any enquiries regarding street naming and numbering should be directed to the Service.

Street nameplates and commercial signs

The provision of new and/or supplementary street nameplates is the responsibility of the developer.

If you wish to complain about a missing or damaged existing street signage please click here.


Postcodes are allocated by:

Royal Mail
Address Management Unit
Admiral House
2 Admiral Way
Doxford International Business Park

Completed Application Map

Please search for any confirmed Street Naming/Numbering by postcode, address or application ref number (e.g. if ref number is SNN15 search type only number 15) you can pan or zoom to the area of interest. 

Click on the SNN application (green point) to enable a pop-up, expand it by clicking or the arrow (on the right) this will bring up a list of all available documents to view.



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