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Glasgow City Council

Key Facts and Figures

What is it?

The key facts and figures provide a quick guide to our revenue and capital budgets each year, as well as a number of key facts about the services we provide.  Statistics for other Scottish authorities are also included for comparative purposes.


pdf icon 2020-21 [1Mb]


pdf icon 2019-20 [420kb]

pdf icon 2018-19 [368kb]

pdf icon 2017-18 [408kb]

pdf icon 2016-17 [500kb]

pdf icon 2015-16 [402kb]

pdf icon 2014-15 [727kb]

pdf icon 2013-14 [970kb]

pdf icon 2012-13 [481kb]

pdf icon 2011-12 [1023kb]

pdf icon 2010-11 [330kb]

pdf icon 2009-10

pdf icon 2008-09

pdf icon 2007-08 [58kb]

pdf icon 2006-07 [60kb]

pdf icon 2005-06 [64kb]

pdf icon 2004-05 [62kb]

pdf icon 2003-04

pdf icon 2002-03 [717kb]

pdf icon 2001-02 [432kb]

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