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Organising Common Repairs

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What is needed?

Organising common repairs, especially where there is no property factor requires some knowledge of buildings and can be time consuming.  This advice provides pointers as to help and assistance you can access as a group of homeowners.

Who is it for?

This advice is for everyone who owns a flat in a tenement building whether they reside in the property or not.

All owners in the property, whether you are a flat or shop owner will be responsible for a share of the cost of common repairs. If the building has a property factor then then the factor will be able to advise each owner on what share of the costs they are liable for if common repair works are needed. Where there is no property factor in place then owners should refer to their property title deeds. If shares are not specified within the title deeds then you will require to default to the Tenement Management Scheme within the Tenements Scotland Act 2004.

For everything you need to know regarding the repair of  your tenement building we would refer you to the Under One Roof Scotland website.

This website provides essential  information on all aspects of common repairs. UnderOneRoof is supported by Glasgow City Council.

Digital App

The 'Novoville' Shared Repairs App to help owners organise common repairs in tenement buildings is now available to use across Glasgow. The 'Novoville' Shared Repairs app allows co-owners in a building to join their 'virtual tenement' where they can connect with each other and manage their block's repairs and maintenance needs from start to finish.

The app could  provide benefit to owners who self-factor their tenement or where there are property management arrangements in place. However, the app  can also be used by  tenement owners where the property is factored as this will assist with communication and the sharing of information.  On the app, the need for repair or maintenance work can be highlighted  and this can be reported to tenement proprietors and then progressed. Contractors can be contacted and quotes obtained via the app.

Owners can then use an in-built voting system to select their preferred contractor and are able to pay their share of  the cost into a secure account available in the app rather than one owner having to coordinate those payments.

The app is free to download from both the App Store and Google Play and is operational in a number of local authority areas.  A fee (2% (plus VAT at time of writing) is chargeable upon the completion of a successful repair or maintenance project. '

For any further advice and information on common repairs  you can also contact Glasgow City Council on the number provided or read our Scheme of Assistance  which can be found on our website.


Contact Housing

  • Phone 0141 287 8590
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