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Glasgow's fleet is used to support service delivery and falls into a number of asset types, such as; Roads & Parks Services vehicles equipped with mobile toolkits and ancillary equipment, Street lighting maintenance, Disposal & Refuse collection, Winter gritting, Street sweeping, Street drainage, School and Social Work buses, light vehicles and vans for general use. The council currently uses a fleet of approximately 1,200 vehicles including 22 electric vehicles to support services (18 cars and 4 electric sweepers). The in-service fleet value is estimated at £65 million, replacement costs for the entire fleet is around £75 million, and with an annual revenue cost for leases, maintenance, insurance and tax of £14 million.

Glasgow's fleet requirements are driven by the council's service delivery obligations and are regulated by a complex set of EU Directives and Operator Licence requirements. These regulations ensure safe and proper use of vehicles to protect the user, the public and the environment.  Our aim is to provide a fleet strategy that supports the council's key priorities through the provision, operation and management of vehicles that are efficient, effective and fit for purpose, and have sufficient resilience to adapt to Services' changing needs.

Over the past six years a number of reform programmes have secured reductions in the operational costs of the transport function, reductions in overhead and investment in route optimisation and vehicle tracking to improve utilisation and reduce fuel consumption and carbon. Procurement strategies have also been reviewed and, with a maintenance option, have been added to the vehicle procurement contract.

The Fleet asset class has been linked to the sustainability theme in the Council Plan.

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