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Community Asset Register

The Community Asset Register is a database of community volunteers willing to protect and support their communities in an emergency. The community volunteers work alongside the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and other emergency responders, to bring incidents to a successful conclusion.

Community volunteer assets could include 4x4 vehicles, boats, generators, diggers etc, or specialised skills such as rope or water rescue qualifications. We encourage individuals or groups with these skills or equipment to consider volunteering.

Instances where the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service would ask a volunteer to help include:

  • Incidents where support from community volunteers will support and enhance the multi-agency response;

  • Incidents where the SFRS does not possess the required skills or equipment.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service will administer the database, but it can be accessed by other emergency responders.

To register on the Community Asset Register volunteers are required to:

  • complete a questionnaire detailing their skills and equipment.

  • provide evidence of their qualifications, if relevant.

  • complete a 30 minute online Command Induction Course. This prepares volunteers for a mobilisation to an incident and how to operate safely whilst in attendance.

  • sign a Minute of Agreement with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, which details expectations and liability coverage etc.

A volunteer record is then generated on the Community Asset Register, and the volunteer could be contacted and asked to attend an incident. Nevertheless, volunteers are not obligated to respond to every request.

We are unable to predict how often a community volunteer will be called. The number of call outs will depend on: the type of community asset, the number and type of incidents in the area and whether the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service require further assistance at the incident. It is important that the volunteer understands these influential factors.

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