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Empty Homes

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What is it?

An empty home is a privately owned property that has been vacant for 6 months or more.

Empty homes are not only a wasted resource that could be used to address local housing needs but can also become a blight on the community by becoming eyesores and attracting vandalism.

What is the responsibility of the Council?

Glasgow City Council can provide relevant advice and assistance to help owners bring these homes back into residential use. 

It is the responsibility of home owners to maintain their property and keep it in good condition.

Why should I bring my empty home back into use?

Homes that are lived in help to support safer communities and the local economy. Owners of empty homes face higher insurance costs, higher Council Tax, and higher security costs.

Bringing your empty home back into use could help you reduce these costs, as well as giving someone a much needed home.

From 1st April 2018, if your property has been unoccupied for 12 months or more Glasgow City Council will impose a surcharge of 100% on your council tax, therefore, your council tax charge will be 200%. 

Please see the Glasgow City Council Tax page for further details on exemptions.

Where can I get advice and assistance?

Glasgow City Council's Empty Homes Officer can provide information, advice and assistance on a wide range of issues:  

  • Renting your Property
  • Selling your Property
  • Matchmaker Service - matching those wanting to sell empty homes and those wanting to purchase them.
  • VAT Discounts
  • Builder Merchant, Company Services & Product Discounts

Builder Merchant

Builder Merchant, Company Services & Product Discounts

There are some suppliers who are able to offer preferential rates to empty home owners undertaking works to bring them back into use, please contact our Empty Homes Officer who can provide more details.

If you are a builder/supplier/trader and would like to participate in the scheme, please do not hesitate to contact the Empty Homes Advice Service on Phone 0344 515 1941 or by Email.  

Where can I get information on Empty Homes?

You can find comprehensive information on all empty homes in Scotland on the Scottish Government's "Empty Properties and Second Homes" Register. The Scottish Government collects information from all Local Authorities, collate it and publish it annually.

How do I report an empty home?

To report an empty home please complete the Online Form or if you require any further information on bringing an empty property back into use then please contact our Empty Homes Officer at the contact details below:

Empty Homes Officer
Housing and Regeneration Services (Private Sector)
231 George Street
Glasgow G1 1RX

Email: Empty Homes



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