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Antisocial Behaviour Noise Frequently Asked Questions

What types of noise does the Antisocial Noise Team deal with?

The noise team's enforcement powers cover all types of domestic amplified noise, as well as barking dogs. In some cases where we cannot take formal action eg living noise, with your permission we can pass on your details to other services such as mediation.

What type of noise isn't covered by the noise team's enforcement powers?

We cannot take formal action for noise coming from children playing, loud footsteps or where sound proofing is a factor. For these type of issues our Mediation Service can be of help. 

Who do I contact if excessive noise isn't coming from a domestic residence?

If the noise isn't contained within a domestic residence, you can call Police Scotland on 101.

What if the noise is coming from a commercial property?

If you're bothered by noise from commercial premises, contact us on 0141 287 1060.

When is the Noise service available?

Noise officers work seven nights a week from 5pm until 3am, but the contact centre who will take your initial call are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can register a complaint at any time on 0141 287 6688 and Noise Officers will respond as soon as they're on duty.

What happens initially when I call the Noise service?

When you call 0141 287 6688 the contact centre will take your details and complaint to pass on to our Noise Officers. An officer will then call you back when they come on duty to discuss your complaint and offer advice. For ongoing problems, Noise Officers can come to your home to measure noise levels and see what action is required. If the noise is excessive, a legal Warning Notice may be issued to the noise maker.

Won't my neighbours know that it was me who made the complaint if you come out to my home?

Noise officers wear plain clothes and drive unmarked vehicles to protect you from being identified as a complainer.

What happens if my neighbour continues making noise after they've been given a Warning Notice?

If the noise isn't reduced to an acceptable level following a Warning Notice, a £100 fixed penalty will be issued. If unpaid, it will be referred to Procurator Fiscal and in extreme cases, noise making equipment could be seized.

Can I make an anonymous complaint?

No, a requirement of the Antisocial Behaviour etc Scotland Act 2004 is that we access the complainer's property to show that the noise exceeds the permitted level for that period of the day.

What happens if I've made multiple complaints?

We will work with our Community Relations Unit colleagues who can consider Antisocial Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) if required. We can also work with the Housing Association who can consider ASBOs or evictions for persistent noise makers.

I've already made a complaint and the noise is still happening, what can I do next?

If we have already issued a warning notice and the noise isn't reduced, a £100 fine can be issued. If the noise continues after a £100 fine is issued, the noise making equipment can be seized.

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