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Object to Currently Promoted Compulsory Purchase Orders

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What is it?

Anyone who wishes to object to one of the currently promoted Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPOs) must do so in writing to the Scottish Ministers at the contact address given, and by the date specified in the press and individual notices relating to that particular CPO.  Please check the Notices for the relevant CPO.

We strongly advise that you seek legal advice prior to lodging an objection to a CPO.

How to object to a CPO

There is no specific format for an objection to the CPO other than it must be in writing. 

This objection period is normally 21 days and runs from the date of service of those in the press and individual notices.

For information on how to make an objection, please refer to the Notice to Owner listed under the Compulsory Purchase Order you wish to object to. 

Following the period for objections the Scottish Ministers will then consider all written objections received. The Scottish Ministers can only disregard an objection if it relates solely to matters of compensation.

The Scottish Ministers will contact objectors with a view to resolving their objection if possible.

If this process does not result in all objections being withdrawn or otherwise resolved it is normal for those objections to be considered at a Public Local Inquiry (PLI) arranged by the Scottish Ministers

For more information, please visit the Scottish Government's Useful Guide for Property Owners.


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