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Glasgow City Council

Fight 4 Glasgow to prevent the loss of many jobs in the city

Glasgow is at risk of moving to Tier 4 of the new system aimed at tackling the Covid-19 pandemic - such a move would put thousands of jobs at risk in the city, so Glaswegians are being urged to Fight 4 Glasgow by making sure they stick to Scottish Government guidelines.

Fight for Glasgow


From today (2 November), each of Scotland's 32 local authorities will enter a new tier system devised by the Scottish Government, with the aim of suppressing transmission of the Covid-19 virus.

The multi-tier system ranges from level 0 to level 4, with 0 being the closest to normality and 4 containing the toughest restrictions. Under level 4, restrictions would be similar to the national lockdown in March, but with schools remaining open. It would mean the closure of non-essential shops, pubs and restaurants, gyms, libraries and hairdressers.

Glasgow will enter level 3 restrictions on 2 November, which allows hospitality businesses to operate until 6pm with the sale of alcohol prohibited.

Decisions will be made on a weekly basis to reallocate authorities based upon transmission levels if necessary. If the guidelines are not followed, this may mean that Glasgow may be moved into Tier Four, meaning the closing of many premises - a number permanently - putting thousands of jobs at risk.  The hospitality sector would be badly affected in particular.

Paul Stevenson, owner of the city's Paesano and Sugo restaurants, said: "Businesses such as ours employ a lot of people in Glasgow, and many of these jobs could be at risk if the city moves to Tier Four.  Level three is hard enough, but at least it gives us a chance to keep trading, keep people in jobs, and keep giving Glaswegians a place to meet friends and family.  We have gone the extra mile to protect the health of our staff and customers and I want to say how important it is that we all stick to the rules and not only safeguard our health, but ensure that our jobs and businesses are safe."

Councillor Susan Aitken, Leader of Glasgow City Council, said: "We are nowhere near out of the woods yet. Level 3 is tough but if we move to level 4 that will be awful. If we keep following the rules we can live more normal lives and protect thousands of jobs."

More detail on the Scottish Government's guidelines can be found at:

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