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Be Bright Be Seen Campaign

Our Road Safety Unit in partnership with Police Scotland are running a Be Bright Be Seen campaign to highlight the fact that pedestrians can be harder to see during the winter months.  The main message is for drivers to look out for pedestrians and slow down during the hours of darkness.

This new campaign aims to inform and influence drivers and pedestrians to adopt safer road user behaviour, especially during the winter months, when people are not as visible due to wearing darker clothing.

Two images are being used for the campaign; one shows pedestrians wearing brighter clothing and then 'fading to grey' as their clothing becomes darker and drivers cannot see them clearly and the other image reminds drivers to watch their speed as pedestrians are not as visible in darker clothing.

Both messages are used throughout the campaign:

 Elderly Pedestrian image 1     

DRIVE SAFE - This winter as people fade to grey check your speed look out for pedestrians

Elderly Pedestrian image 2

This winter don't fade to GREY be BRIGHT be Seen

This campaign will encourage pedestrians to take care when crossing, but more importantly, remind drivers of watching out for pedestrians who are not as visible during the dark winter nights.

The Be Bright Be Seen adverts will be shown city wide around Glasgow with bus sides, outdoor digital advertising boards and adverts/social media on Radio Clyde and in the Glasgow Times.

Thousands of 'GCC Time Traveller' packs are being distributed to every primary 5 pupil to take home and discuss with their older relatives, such as grandparents. This intergenerational safety pack reminds older road users to take care on today's busy roads. 

The campaign started on 31 October and will run until 28 November 2022.

Look out for the adverts when you are out and about and remember Be Bright Be Seen!

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