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Date Section Type Description
06/05/2022 Section 1 Remuneration Depute Lord Provost, Senior Councillor, from 19th May 2022
06/05/2022 Section 2 Other roles None
06/05/2022 Section 3 Contracts None
10/06/2022 Section 4 Election Expenses 1,533.94
06/05/2022 Section 5 Houses, Land and Buildings Property in Glasgow City Council Ward 12, Victoria Park
06/05/2022 Section 6 Interest in Shares and Securities None
06/05/2022 Section 7 Gifts and Hospitality I will only accept Gifts & Hospitality offered to me in line with the guidance contained within the Councillors' Code of Conduct.
05/08/2022 Section 8 Non-Financial Interests Trustee, Eco Drama
Trustee, SPT
Member of Anderston, City, Yorkhill Area Partnership
Board Member, Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts (valid from July 2022)
Trustee, Glasgow City Heritage Trust
06/05/2022 Section 9 Close Family Members None