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Total Area of District.
68 square miles
Rateable Value
969121 as of 01/04/2010
Council Tax
Band D Equivalents - 1386
Average Council Tax -
Total Population
Total Electorate.
Political Composition
Alba No leader declared 2
Independent No leader declared 2
Independent Councillors' Group No leader declared 3
Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party Leader - Councillor Thomas Kerr 7
Scottish Green Party Co-Conveners
Councillor Jon Molyneux
Councillor Martha Wardrop
Scottish Labour Party Leader - Councillor Malcolm Cunning 30
Scottish National Party (SNP) Leader - Councillor Susan Aitken 35
Total Members   85
Twin Towns
Marseille, France (as of 31/03/2006)
Nuremberg, Germany (as of 31/03/1985)
Rostov-on-Don, Russia (as of 31/03/1986)
Lahore, Pakistan (as of 30/05/2006)
Dalian, China (as of 31/03/1997)
Havana, Cuba (as of 31/03/2002)
Bethlehem, Palestine (as of 31/03/2007)
Turin, Italy (as of 31/03/2003)