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Additional Resources

  • Planning Advice Helpline
    Phone 0845 603 7602
  • Stalled Space Officer
    Phone 0141 287 8555


This programme is now closed.

What is it?

Advice and guidance on additional funding opportunities, resources and design ideas can be found below.

Designing spaces

Design is a key component in Stalled Spaces projects. Consideration must be given to the temporary nature of projects, identifying innovative low-cost and vandal-proof options to deliver community projects.

Below are some additional online resources for design ideas and support:

  • Architecture and Design Scotland - The 'Resources' section gives you access to a broad range of resources including images, case studies and videos for different design projects.
  • Pinterest - The world's catalogue of ideas.
  • Landscape Institute - The Knowledge section contains the LI's publications, technical guidance and key landscape information resources.
  • Landezine - A selection of community space design projects for from around the world.
  • Playscapes - Ideas and how-tos for innovative play spaces.
  • Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens - Comprehensive Resource Packs for community growers in England, Scotland and Wales. And many other resources.

Funding opportunties

Additional funding resources for projects:

Other resources

Stalled Spaces - Architecture and Design Scotland

Guidance for Stalled Spaces projects can be found on Architecture & Design Scotland.

Planning Aid for Scotland (PAS)

Planning Aid for Scotland  (PAS) runs a Planning Mentoring Scheme for communities seeking to develop assets that benefit the whole community.  You can find more about their Mentoring Scheme and other services on their website or call 0845 603 7602.


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