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Proposed Traffic Regulation Orders

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What is it?

Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) are legal orders made by the Council to apply Traffic Management controls to roads and car parks.

Every TRO is advertised in the local Press and on this page below. The published public notice will include the details of the proposals and how you can have your view heard. Traffic Regulation Orders are required for many different restrictions including:

  • Waiting and Loading
  • One-way streets
  • Speed Limits
  • Weight and width restrictions
  • Access and turning Restrictions
  • Road and Footway closures - both permanent and temporary
  • Cycle and bus lanes

The Glasgow City Council (Toryglen Street) (Traffic Regulation) Order 2016 (Variation No.1) Order 202_ 

Glasgow City Council_Wallacewell_Wallacewell Northern_Broomfield_Balornock Service Roads_(Redetermination of Exercise of Public Rights of Passage)

Glasgow City Council_Red_Broomfield_Balornock_Wallacewell_Northgate Roads_(Traffic Regulation)_NEATR Phase 1

Glasgow City Council (Yorkhill) (Traffic Management and Parking Controls) Order 2015 (Variation No.2) Order 202_ 

The Glasgow City Council (Clarendon Place) (Redetermination of Exercise of Public Rights of Passage) Order 202_

The Glasgow City Council (St George's Road/Charing Cross) (Traffic Management And Parking Controls) Order 202

The Glasgow City Council (South City Way: Victoria Bridge to Trongate (Temporary Traffic Regulation) Order 2023 

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