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Confirmed Compulsory Purchase Orders

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What is it?

Detailed below is a non-exhaustive list of properties in respect of which compulsory purchase orders have been confirmed by the Scottish Ministers within the last three months

You can find more information on all confirmed compulsory purchase orders in Scotland by accessing the Compulsory Purchase Orders Register maintained by the Scottish Government.

Please click on the heading below to see documentation relating to that particular CPO.

Please Note:

  • Details on how to contact us in relation to each of the CPOs listed below can be found in the advertisement and the notices relative to that particular CPO.

Flat 0/4, 94 Allison Street, Glasgow Compulsory Purchase Order 2023

4 Melville Street, Flat 2/2, Glasgow G41 2LN

Flat 0/2, 35 Westmoreland Street, Glasgow G42 8LL 

Flat 0/2, 35Westmoreland Street, Glasgow Compulsory Purchase Order 2023

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