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This programme is now closed.

What is it?

The temporary nature of projects should be a consideration from the outset in what structures are placed on site. Good examples of temporary structures can be seen in Inspiring Examples of Stalled Spaces.

Preparing an exit strategy

To ensure that sites can be vacated and restored at the end of the project term, it is recommended that groups develop an 'Exit Strategy' at the very start of the project.

This strategy should outline the timeline, responsibilities and funding needed for clearance of the site as well as the next steps for the initiative.

Exploring options

As the site is handed back to the owner it doesn't have to be the end of the project. The momentum built by residents, community groups and individuals, and their commitment to the area should be preserved and if possible, replicated at another site in the area.

Glasgow City Council will explore with all stakeholders, other possible sites within the locality to transfer projects and ensure their successful continuation.

To assist with this, groups should be considering potential sites from the outset of their project and engage with Glasgow City Council at the earliest opportunity.

Contact Stalled Spaces

  • Phone 0141 287 8555
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