City Development Plan

What is it?

A new local development plan is being developed which has been under examination by Scottish Government Reporters. The current adopted local plan for Glasgow is City Plan 2. The new Proposed Plan can be found below along with supporting documents.

Plan intended for adoption

Scottish Government Reporters concluded their examination and published their recommendations and conclusions on 22 June 2016.  The council has now considered the Examination report and agreed the modifications to be made to the Proposed Plan. The modified plan has now been submitted to Scottish Ministers as the Local Development Plan that the Council intends to adopt.

The modified plan and associated documents submitted can be viewed below:

Once Scottish Ministers are satisfied with the modified plan, the council may then adopt the plan as the Local Development Plan for Glasgow. When the plan is adopted, it will be available on the council's website and in local libraries, and those who made representations on the Proposed Plan will be notified of its publication.

Examination documents and report

The Proposed Glasgow City Development Plan was submitted to Scottish Ministers on 24 June 2015 for examination. The Proposed Glasgow City Development Plan and associated documents submitted to Scottish Ministers for examination can be viewed here.

The Council received the Examination Report on 22 June 2016 from the Reporters appointed to undertake the City Development Plan Examination.  The examination report can be viewed below:

After receiving the examination report the Council considered the report with a view to modifying the plan and submitting it as the plan it wishes to adopt to Scottish Ministers. It should be noted there are very limited circumstances where the council might depart from the Reporters' recommendations. 

If Scottish Ministers are satisfied with the modified plan the Council may then adopt the plan as the Local Development Plan for Glasgow. 

Development Plan Scheme

The Planning etc. (Scotland) Act 2006 requires Local Authorities to publish an annual Development Plan Scheme. The Development Plan Scheme sets out the programme for preparing and reviewing the City Development Plan. This document is published to enable stakeholders to gain an awareness of the CDP preparation process and how and when they can engage with the process.

Previous Local Development Plan Stages

Details of the development plan process can be found below along with the various documents which have been produced throughout the preparation process.





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