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Glasgow Open Data Hub

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The Glasgow Open Data Hub is a place to access data, to provide tools to enable people to visualise this, and to tell some simple stories around what the data means for the city.  The aim is for the hub to also be a place to engage with citizens and other stakeholders around particular themes supported by open data.

The development of the hub helps to deliver on some of the underlying objectives of the current Digital Glasgow Strategy, which sets out Glasgow City Council's priorities and commitments to developing the city's digital economy and transforming our public services through the use of digital technology, data and innovation.

The hub is also a focus for empowerment of citizens and stakeholders by opening up access to a wide range of data used by the council and partners to inform decision-making, as well as enabling citizens to explore and understand this data about Glasgow in more accessible ways.

The council is focusing on adding a wide range of data to the hub in future on a whole range of subjects including the environment, transport and movement, the economy, education and government. Some of the new data made available have focused on movement across the city such as cycling and walking and also highlight the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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