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Report a Missed Bin Collection

Report a missed bin

COVID-19 updates

For updates on services affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19) please visit our dedicated service updates page here.

Food Waste Collections

Following a review of the food waste service for flats and tenements, from Monday, 10 August, a new food waste collection system will be trialled in the North West and City Centre areas of the city only.  The pilot programme will last for eight weeks and follow a 16-day collection cycle.  If successful, it could form the basis of a revised service for the whole city in the near future.  At the majority of addresses where recycling has been taking place and there are no access issues, food waste bins will be retained.  Where there have been issues with contamination and access, bins will be removed and public food waste bins provided instead.  All residents affected will be written to directly to advise of the new arrangements.

The food waste collection service for flats and tenements remains suspended in the South and North East of the city for the time being and residents there should continue to use their general waste bin for food waste.

Bin collection delays

A missed bin collection is when we have not emptied your bin after 6pm on the scheduled collection day.

Before you report a missed bin collection please check: 

  • The bin collection delay information above, which shares updates on any planned revised collections
  • Your bin was on the kerbside from 7am
  • You have put your bin out on the right day: you can use our online collection calendar to check your collection days
  • Your recycling bin is not contaminated e.g. items which should not be put in the bin, are in the bin. Any wrong material placed within the bin, will need to be removed before the next scheduled collection
  • Your bin is not overloaded and the bin lid is fully closed

If your bin has not been collected due to the aforementioned points, your bin will not be collected until the next scheduled collection date.

Your bin may also be missed if the following has occurred:

  • Bad weather e.g. snow, ice, high winds has caused a delay in collections
  • Roadworks/parked cars have prevented access to your location
  • Breakdowns have been experienced with the refuse collection vehicle which has necessitated a revised collection time

In these instances the council will collect your bin as soon as practicable after your scheduled collection date.

If your bin has been missed and you reside in a newly built house, please contact the council to ensure your address has been added to a bin route.

What should I do if my bin(s) have been missed?

Before reporting a missed collection, consideration should also be given to:

If you would like to register a missed collection please complete our online form.

What if I stay in a flat?

Residents who stay in flatted properties do not have to put their bins out for collection, as collection crew's service the bins from backcourts/bin storage areas, or bins may be presented by Housing Associations.

In addition to the information in the aforementioned questions, difficulties in access to tenement/flat closes can sometimes cause delay to bin collections. In these circumstances the council will collect your bin as soon as practicable after your scheduled collection date.

How do I report a missed bin collection?

You can report a missed bin using our Online Form.

You can also report a missed bin using MyGlasgow app. You can download our app from the App store and Google Play.

Once you submit a report, please ensure you make your bin available for collection.

How long does it take to collect a missed bin?

It can take us up to 7 days to return to collect a missed bin. If you have already contacted us to report a missed bin collection, please allow 7 days before contacting us again.

How Do I Cancel My Request?

To cancel your Missed Bin Collection request, please complete our online form.

What is my account?

My account gives you the ability to set up an online account using a single user name and password to access a range of online public services including some Glasgow City Council services. Read more about my account.

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