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Councillors and Committees

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Council and Committees

Information about the Council and committee and their remit.

Council Diary

Shows a calendar of meetings for the selected month.

Councillors and Committees

Information about your Councillors and Committees they represent.

Elected Members and Wards

Information and details about Elected Members and their wards.

Your Councillor Information System

About the Councillors Information System and what data is held on the system.

MPs, MSPs and MEPs

Information about MPs and MSPs for Glasgow Constituencies and MEPs for Scotland Region.

Lord Provost

Information about Glasgow's Lord Provost and the role of the Lord Provost's Office.

Provosts of Glasgow

Information about the present and past Provosts of Glasgow.

Elected Members Expenses

Information about remuneration packages for Elected Members present and past.

Councillor Newsletters

Download and view our Councillor Newsletters.

Community Planning Partnership

Information about Glasgow Community Planning Partnership.

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