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Councillors and Committees

There are 85 councillors elected to Glasgow City Council, each representing an area (electoral ward) of the city.  There are 23 electoral wards across the city, each one has 3 or 4 councillors representing it.

What do councillors do?

Your councillors represent you on matters which affect your local area. This includes but is not limited to:

  • taking part in council committee meetings;
  • scrutinising council policies and decisions such as council tax levels and the delivery of local services.

There are a number of council committees which your local councillor will be a member of. To see the complete list of council committees, the membership of these and details of when they meet, please visit the Council Committees page.

What can my councillor help me with?

Councillors can assist you if you have an issue with the delivery of services in your area  such as:

  • public transport and road maintenance;
  • planning decisions and licensing;
  • running of schools, libraries, museums and galleries;
  • social work services;
  • refuse collection;
  • housing benefit and council tax reductions.

If you have been in touch with the council and feel that your issue hasn't been properly resolved, you can contact your local councillor for assistance.

Who are the current councillors?


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Last modified on 07 May 2024

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