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Property Enquiry Certificates

How to apply for a Property Enquiry Certificate report showing statutory notices and other legal orders and regulations that affect a property.

Glasgow's Property Assets

Advice and guidance on the Council's property Asset Management and the role of City Property (Glasgow) LLP.

Corporate Address Gazetteer

About the Corporate Address Gazetteer (CAG) provides the definitive list of addresses for property within the Glasgow City Council area.

Property History Searches

Advice on how to obtain property history searches from 1 January 1999, Appeal Data from 1 January 2001 and Enforcement Data from 1 January 2006.

Stair and Backcourt Lighting

Information on the Stair and Backcourt Lighting Maintenance Service for tenement, deck access and multi-storey properties.

My Property Details

Search My Property Application for details relating to properties, school catchment areas, MSPs and more.

Public and External Agency Links

Useful Links to Public Sector and External Agencies.

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