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Important Information

With the move to new data protection rules on 25 May 2018 you may have been receiving lots of emails from organisations, which send you newsletters or updates for example, asking you to confirm that you still want to receive these emails after 25 May 2018.

The council has not, in general, issued such emails to our citizens or service users. 

This is because the lists we hold for emails like this have been built up solely on the basis of you choosing to be added to the distribution list in question. Therefore, we consider that your consent remains valid under the new data protection rules. 

You therefore do not need to do anything to continue receiving updates from us which you have previously received.

You do have the right to ask us to stop sending you an email like this. The easiest way is to contact the sender of the email in question but you can also contact our Data Protection Officer with such a request.

For more information on how we use personal information click here.

For more information on email, and in particular in relation to how secure email is, click Contacting Glasgow City Council by Email.

Last modified on 09 June 2023

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