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Ceremony Rooms Photo Gallery

We offer various rooms that can host your ceremony.

We can conduct ceremonies in our ceremony rooms at 23 Montrose Street or in our suites in the City Chambers, or in a different venue of your choosing across the city.

Registration Office, 23 Montrose Street, Glasgow

23 Montrose Street is a listed building located in the east side of the City Chambers complex.

This venue is especially suitable for smaller ceremonies. 23 Montrose Street offers two ceremony rooms; The Clyde Room and the Kelvin Room. These rooms are elegantly designed to host an intimate and romantic exchange of vows.

In addition to the two ceremony rooms, the building provides a dressing room, a reception area where guests can arrive, and a private room for the registrar to meet with the couple prior to their ceremony.

The original beauty of the building has been expertly restored with the addition of a modern decorative twist.

Montrose Street

23 Montrose Street Entrance

23 Montrose Street

23 Montrose Street Reception 

Reception - 4
Reception - 5
Reception - 6
Reception - 7

The Kelvin Ceremony Suite

The Kelvin Suite can accommodate up to 35 people. This includes the couple and any children.

Kelvin Ceremony Room
Kelvin Ceremony Room - 2
Kelvin Ceremony Room - 3

The Clyde Ceremony Suite

The Clyde Suite can accommodate up to 17 people. This includes the couple and any children. This room is also suitable for a party of 4 only (the couple and their 2 witnesses.)

Clyde Ceremony Room
Clyde Ceremony Room 3
Clyde Ceremony Room 2

The Dressing Room

Dressing Room

The Waiting Room

Waiting room
Waiting room - 3
Waiting room - 2

23 Montrose Street Image Gallery

Valentines Day Wedding
Valentines Day Wedding 2
Valentines Day Wedding 4
Valentines Day Wedding 5
Valentines Day Wedding 6
Valentines Day Wedding 7
Valentines Day Wedding 8
Couple - 23 Montrose St
Ring Exchange
Valentines Day Wedding 3
Valentines Day Wedding 9
Valentines Day Wedding 10
Valentines Day Wedding 11


City Chambers

City Chambers, Glasgow

The iconic City Chambers complex is the focal point of Glasgow's City Centre. This prestigious venue is not only renowned for its magnificent architecture but is also steeped in rich history. From the moment you walk in via the main entrance, you are faced with the grand reception hall. This leads through to the magnificent marble staircase which takes you up to the second floor Satinwood Suite and Banqueting Hall.

City Chambers Exterior

City Chambers Exterior


City Chambers Reception
City Chambers Reception 1

Marble Staircase

Staircase 1
Marble Staircase 2

Satinwood Suite 

The Satinwood Suite is the perfect place to hold your ceremony. This bright room is beautifully designed with the now extinct material, satinwood, which was imported from Australia at the time of the City Chambers' construction. The main features of the room are the alabaster fireplace and the West facing ceiling to floor windows looking out to George Square providing exceptional natural light. There is also a decorative ceiling and two large double entrance doors. The suite is our principal room for ceremonies and can comfortably seat up to 100 guests.

The Satinwood Suite
The Satinwood Suite 1

Banqueting Hall

The Banqueting Hall is the most grand of the civic rooms in the City Chambers. The ornate arched ceiling is adorned by paintings and gold leaf, and the wall decorated with large murals depicting the history of the city. The artists came from the famous "Glasgow School" and included Sir John Lavery, Alexander Roche and George Henry. This room is ideally suited for large ceremonies and can comfortably seat 300 guests.

The Banqueting Hall
The Banqueting Hall 1

Picture Gallery

Picture Gallery

City Chambers Image Gallery

Wedding in City Chambers
Ceremony Picture
Wedding entrance



Last modified on 07 May 2024

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