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Public Processions

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  • Phone 0141 287 4180

You can find a list of upcoming processions notified by us in the Future Processions section.

What is the policy?

Following the Guidance issued by Scottish Ministers under section 65A of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982, which set out the changes to the law of Public Processions made by the Police, Public Order and Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2006, we have now formulated a code of conduct, which both reflects local conditions and experiences and also takes account of the new statutory framework and the good practice set out in the Guidance.

Following a stakeholder consultation we agreed a revised Policy and Code of Conduct for Public Processions on 9 October 2014.

We recognise the fundamental rights contained in the European Convention on Human Rights in relation to freedom of assembly and of association. We take these rights into consideration along with the provision within Article 11 of the Convention which requires that these rights are exercised in accordance with the "protection of the rights and freedoms of others."

Our aim is to strike a reasonable balance between protecting the fundamental right of individuals and organisations to organise and participate in public processions, and the need to minimise disruption to the wider community by protecting the rights of all of Glasgow's citizens to go about their business without unnecessary disturbance and interference.

We have produced a Code of Conduct for distribution to organisers of processions.

How do I make a notification to hold a public procession?

You must submit your notification for a public procession at least 28 days prior to the procession. You can do this by:

alternatively if you have any difficulties with the online form please contact Public Processions for an alternative format.

Public Processions
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Phone 0141 287 4180

Decisions relative to Public Processions

Public Processions Committee

pdf icon Partick Orange and Purple District 15 (150919) -11th September 2019 [51kb]
pdf icon Republican Network for Unity (140919) - 11th September 2019 [37kb]
pdf icon Whiteinch Orange and Purple District Number 7 (140919)-11th September 2019 [36kb]
pdf icon Bridgeton Protestant Boys FB (140919) 11th September 2019 [45kb]
pdf icon Pride of the North Flute Band -(140919) 11th September 2019 [51kb]
pdf icon Cairde Na Heireann (Calton Republicans) 220819 [38kb]
pdf icon James Connolly Republican Flute Band 220819 [35kb]
pdf icon County Grand Orange Lodge of Glasgow - 030619 [110kb]
pdf icon All Under One Banner - 240419 [184kb]
pdf icon Apprentice Boys of Derry (Bridgeton) - 160419 [109kb]

Delegated Authority

pdf icon Orange & Purple District No.50 - 020619 [38kb]
pdf icon Orange & Purple District No.37 - 020619 [50kb]
pdf icon Dalmarnock No Surrender Branch Club - 010619 [59kb]
pdf icon ABOD(Bridgeton) - 010619 [39kb]


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