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Street Play

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Street Play is an initiative run by Glasgow City Council and Glasgow Life that allows communities to close local roads free-of-charge so children can play safely outside close to their homes.

It aims to bring communities closer together by providing local groups and residents the opportunity to take back their streets and enjoy a traffic free environment.

Street Play is an initiative that is open to residents and not-for-profit local organisations (such as community groups, schools, housing associations)

In 2020 we have made Street Play available over 4 weekends, between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm. Applicants can use any of the hours in-between this or the full 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. Applications of a commercial nature and / or require a licence of any sort will not be applicable for street play.

  • 22-24 May 2020 (Application deadline date 1 May 2020)
  • 26-28 June 2020 (Application deadline date 1 June 2020)
  • 21-23 August 2020 (Application deadline date 1 August 2020)

You can pick any of these dates that suit you or your organisation and there's no barrier to applying for Street Play on all of these dates.

We are looking for applications that are about getting children active, playing games and having fun with their friends. We are happy to accept applications that will see members of the community set up stalls to provide refreshments for everyone to enjoy.

Street Play is intended for residential streets and so we won't accept applications that will affect major roads, such as those used for bus routes.

Also, Street Play is not for events that will require a formal licence from the council for activities such as fairground rides, built stages or bouncy castles. You can get more information on what kind of activities require a licence here (insert link).

All associated council costs are provided free of charge such as the legal order to close your street and also all traffic management equipment needed to close your street safely.

You will need to pay a modest premium in advance to ensure your Street Play session is covered by Public Liability Insurance. But we will fully refund the cost of this premium. Please email Christine Stewart at Glasgow Life for assistance with organising this insurance.

Local residents will still be able to park on the road during the event, but the traffic management equipment provided will help you to manage this.

A risk assessment will also be needed for each road closure. This is process where organisers should identify the potential hazards associated with their play session and consider how to guard against those hazards.

If your application is granted the council will arrange for road closure equipment to be dropped at each closure point locations for you to erect and remove. By applying for a Street Play closure, you as the applicant, agree to closing the road and reopening the road as per the times in your application. You understand that the council will not be undertaking this role as the council will only supply the road closure equipment for Street Play.  

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